It all started with a letter and a ring

In Search of Power

Knowing we had to take up the mantle of the teachers, we decided to begin our preparations by heading to Lèncahnat’ so that we might find information regarding the Lich brother who’s goal was to rule mortal-kind. On our way north we went to visit the orc who specializes in awakened items. He helped us become more attuned to our equipment, providing a much needed magical edge for the upcoming conflict. Speaking of magical edges, our next stop was to see the blacksmith. Now that I had a source of hellfire with which to smelt our mysterious metal, he made for us two fine weapons that were to be used by our druid, a scimitar and a lance.

Later, as we arrived in Lèncahnat’s capital, we were met with a cityscape most bizarre. The architecture was much less grandiose then we had become accustomed to, but their technological advances were clearly impressive. Every third building seemed to be a magic shop. Looking around we saw army recruiting posters everywhere. We asked the nearest sentries what was going on and were surprised to hear that the Gotban Free Trading Principalities might soon be invaded in an attempt to reconquer the land that once belonged to the empire. We tried to contact the King’s second son but he was too busy with military matters. We had heard that the Gotban Free Trading Principalities contained some prominent guilds that sought to swear fealty to the empire on the condition that the second son, who is much more amenable to their religion, be named heir to the throne. Seeing an avenue for peace, we resolved to travel to the Gotban Free Trading Principalities, but first we decided to follow up on a note that our paper frogs had returned.

We entered the allegedly haunted house, which to our dismay proved quite haunted indeed. The furnishings were not appreciative of our presence, but the doors proved rather sturdy. The owner of the house apparently was a scholar of magic and alchemy. As we found ourselves entering the attic, the source of this house’s magic became dramatically clear.



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