It all started with a letter and a ring

A Token of their Burden

With the volcano split open, we knew we didn’t have much time before we would have to return and protect granny. However, we didn’t know who or what had killed Quake, so with quick haste, we rode on the wings of our friend Storm to enter the volcano and see what destruction had been wrought. Entering, we found ourselves in front of a large magma pool… With a humanoid body floating within it.

With the help of the druid magic, we were able to fish the body out of the lava.

…It was cold to the touch, and had no signs of being burned by the magma. Yet, with further inspection, we found stab wounds on the body with burns around the entry points. Storm made note of his missing infernal blade.

Knowing that there wasn’t much left to do there, we then made haste to granny. Speaking with her for a time, we found that there is only one way to truly defeat the lich brothers.

Open the door to Eden for a time, to allow them to gain mortality, and then seal up the door.
…Which is exactly what we had been working towards with the organization this entire time.

We’ve been played, well and true.

One of the lich brother’s is tired of immortality, and wishes to finally have peace. So, over hundreds of years, he’s set up the elaborate organization, for the purpose of bringing about the end of his mortality and open the gates to Eden. And he had selected us to help him finish the job.

Discussing with granny, the only real way to let this happen is with the death of her and Storm, while ensuring that someone else can take up the mantle. …And the ones who will fit that bill will be us.

There are concerns about Red’s ability to take up the mantle. Being related to the lich, she is at risk of being overcome with her past and origin. Hopefully, with her own strength and a little help from us, she will be able to come out from that stronger, and will be able to hold up the mantle with the rest of us.



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