It all started with a letter and a ring

Mixed Messages

After many days of travel, I finally arrived in the shining city of Egomar. The buildings were fabulous and the people were extravagant, but the rumors going around town were troublesome to say the least. It seemed that the heads of the merran pantheon were vying for control of the throne. This was much bigger than anything I was dealing with up north, and for someone of my stature, dealing with bigger things can be quite intimidating. I was given no meeting place to find the new comrades I was supposed to join up with, I was confident that things would work out. When the organization is organizing, things tend to happen the way they want. As I meandered about town, keeping watch for a messenger to tell me where to go, I stumbled upon something better. I saw my new party. I wasn’t told who they were or what they looked like, but as soon as I laid eyes on this group, I knew that they had to be organization grunts like me. They had weapons at their sides, and a giant mantis on their heels. How could they not be the people I was looking for? Closer investigation confirmed my suspicions when I noticed the rings on their fingers.

Figuring they were told nothing about me as well, I thought it would be humorous to approach them cloaked in an illusion to make me appear as a human of normal height. My plan was thwarted when one of the group, a man I later learned to be named Halnas’, picked me out of the crowd and approached me. I was both impressed and discouraged by his ability to see through my illusion. Wanting to meet on my terms, I had the illusory man bait Halnas’ into an alley, allowing me to sneak up behind him and introduce myself.

My new allies seemed like the perfect group to be teemed up with. All of them had a certain je ne sais quoi about them that makes them naturals at bluffing and schmoozing their way through political intrigue, and most of them seemed like they could hold their own in a fight. There was Magnus, the Toxite paladin. I knew very little about his religion, other than the fact that it gave him a personal interest in the events that were unfolding. Then there was Murthrug, the druid. He seems like quite the outsider, which makes him less useful in delicate social situations, but his magic abilities and unique perspective more than make up for his weaknesses. Halnas’, quite unlike the rest of the party, looks very much like a regular person. However, I can tell that he is really just someone who is trying very hard to appear ordinary. And last but not least, there is Taka. I’m still not sure what exactly he does, but he certainly has a knack for screwing with people, which is a very useful talent for people in our line of work.

They confirmed my suspicions that our goal was to mitigate the negative side effects of the church’s almost inevitable takeover. My experience from my previous work in the organization told me that the best way to do this would be to target the sources of the church’s influence. Less influence means less ability to do bad things. Two of the major noble families in the city had recently started backing the church, so we decided to try and turn the families against each other. Disguised, either magically or mundanely as “the help”, we infiltrated the household of one of the families to gather information. We learned that the other family broke off a betrothal that would have united the two families, which seemed like a good opportunity for us to open some old wounds.

But first, we went to a safe house to plot. It was there that I met an acquaintance of the party known as Kevtumal. Like me, he is a member of the vertically challenged races. Also like me, he seems to have experience manipulating people, although his experience seems somewhat less legal than mine. He suggested that we turn the nobles not only against each other, but against the church by forging some documents from the church promising the same property to each family. This man seems like a very useful ally, even though the rest of the party acts uneasy around him.

And so, we set off to steal some documents to copy and forge. We expected the documents to be in the main office of the head of the family, and so I disguised Halnas’ as the nobleman, and he went inside. The guards standing at the door, however, insisted on following him, as he apparently always travels with bodyguards. I should have thought of that, and creating illusory guards would have been a cinch for me. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I do something like this. Unable to retrieve the documents we needed, Halnas’ left, followed by the guards. This left the room wide open for a certain invisible gnome to sneak on in and have a look around. Without the pressure of guards looking over my shoulder, I was able to find the papers we needed, and left. It was a clean, easy job pulled off without a hitch. I waltzed on back to the safe house and delivered the goods to Kev, happy to make a good impression on him.

My good mood ended soon after that when Halnas’ burst in through the front door covered in grease, quickly followed by a battered and bruised Murthrug. I gathered from them that their extractions from the noble’s manor was nearly as simple as mine. Perhaps my first impressions of this crew were slightly optimistic. However, despite the unfortunate lack of finesse, we accomplished what we needed to and are on track to accomplishing our goal.

Bitter Feelings Towards Bitter Ends

I was on top of the world. We had just rid the world of plague, we finally were realizing that we were beginning to meet pieces on the other side of the chess board, and now we were heading to the capitol. If ever there were a city that was hiding things it would be that one. Let’s face it. There’s no way it can be that perfect. So we headed out on our long journey by carriage. It would take the better part of week to get there, but time travels fast when you have good companions to share the long hours with.
After a few days we stopped in a small town. As much as I hate being in small towns, it was going to be nice to eat something other than good berries. It was a busy little town, with many travelers heading from one place to another, but not many permanent residents. The bustle made me feel more comfortable and like I could be more easily forgotten. We headed to the local inn and took a room for the night. We then proceeded to stuff our faces with, at this point it at least seemed, decedent hot, fresh bread, steaming hearty soup, and succulent bacon. Granted, this is compared to days of good berries. Along with the food came a number delightful beverages, causing laughter to spill merrily into the room around us.
Suddenly a man walked through the door, had an urgent whispered conversation with bartender, and then left as quickly as he had come. Taka decided to follow the man while we talked to the bartender. The bartender gave us an apprising look, and told us, as we were clearly the adventuring type, that the town could scrape some coin together if we investigated the disappearance of the shepard’s boy. We readily agreed. It would be a good way to kill some time on the way to the capitol and easy money.
We headed off to the field where he had last been seen without Taka, who appeared to be chasing a very concerned looking farmer. When we got there it was hard to believe that they even needed our help. The boy had clearly been drug out of the field by a wolf of some kind. Even I could read those tracks, and I have spent most of my time in cities. We had heard stories about how the wolves were killing some sheep, so obviously they just got a boy instead. We casually followed Murthrug along the trail until we discovered is grisly and dismembered corpse. It all seemed pretty cut and dry. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was the size of the wolf responsible.
We returned the boy’s body, and we were invited to his funeral. I didn’t really feel like going, but the rest of the group was going. Except Taka. I had no idea what he was doing, but how much trouble could he really get into in a tiny pit stop of a town? I was surprised when the funeral started. Their practices were very odd. Instead of burying the boy in stone, they burned him along with a live sheep. The smell and the sounds were horrible, and Murthrug looked angry and concerned.
After the funeral we hunkered down to stake out the field. Some silver-backed wolves appeared at the treeline, but never entered the field. We decided to try and follow them with Murthrug in the shape of wolf, but some people were never meant to move quietly through a forest. After a long fruitless chase we gave up. The wolves were just getting further and further away. We gave up for that night and headed back to try and get some sleep.
I was starting to regret getting involved in this. It was so dull. There were no secrets to uncover. It’s not like we were stopping plague and floods, just killing some wolves that were causing some problems for people. We had spent time that we could have spent moving on and getting to the capitol, where there was bound to be some good secrets to find. I stopped really paying that much attention to what was going on. I spent most of my mental activity thinking about Granny and The Mysterious Ones. I didn’t come up with anything interesting, but at least it was worth my energy.
I wasn’t really involved as the townsfolk started sacrificing more livestock, a horse this time, and Murthrug started getting more upset with them. Apparently they were sacrificing livestock to appease the Old Ones, or some sort of backwards, small town superstitious bunk. They agreed to stop sacrificing livestock if we proved that we solved their problem instead of just claiming that it was wolves. Either way, their solution to keep their livestock from getting killed was to kill their livestock. I wasn’t going to put much effort into this.
We waited for the wolves to show up and let Muthrug do his thing. I didn’t really know what was going on, but we didn’t seem to need to kill the wolves, which turned out to be one wolf or something. I only really started pay attention when we found all the wolves dead. Suddenly I realized two things: I had no idea what was actually going on, and I still didn’t know where Taka was. I had overlooked the simple boring investigation right in front of me, because I was having fun doing my own thing off in my head. I should know by now that every detail is important. I have spent my life finding the smallest details, but this time I had distracted myself, and now we were walking into a situation about which I had no information.
It became apparent very quickly that I had made a mistake. Standing in the clearing was huge hulking beast with golden hair and thick reddish brown hair around its head. I reacted as best I could but I wasn’t thinking straight. I tried my best to prepare my friends for a fight as quickly as I could, while Murthrug started to out maneuver it. It took me some costly time before I was able to light up the clearing, to fully reveal the giant lion. We weren’t doing our best in the dark. Sam charged in with both his swords drawn, slashing at the beast, but he was snapped in between its mighty jaws, and then had his flesh torn by its claws. Blood poured from its mouth coupled with the crunching of bones. I let out a scream, Murthrug and his mantis attempted to show the lion a taste of it its own medicine, and Magnus laid into him with both morning star and shield, but we couldn’t recover from our disorganized, clumsy assault. The damage was done. The lion raked Sam with his claws again leaving him eviscerated on the ground. I let out a second scream of rage, and the lion keeled over dead.
Magnus tried to save Sam, but he was already gone. There was nothing we could do. Sam had nearly died so many times before that it was almost hard to believe that he was actually dead. We had been careless, or at least I had been, and one of us paid the price for it. We had all been thinking that this was going to be easy, Taka still was nowhere to been seen, and our nonchalant attitude resulted in the death of a friend.
We took Sam back to Nera Gomar, a journey that had a much different character than the first. It was filled with deep silences. We figured it would be better to return, give Sam a proper funeral, let his family and the Lady in Crimson know what happened. The Lady in Crimson took care of the funeral, a funeral fit for such a hero as Sam. We didn’t feel right keeping his ring and his water sword, so we gave them to his son. Maybe he will be as great as his father someday. We are going to be meeting a new member of our party in the Capitol when we get there. This was a bitter reminder of mistakes that I had made in the past and swore never to make again. My arrogance kept me from seeing the truth of things, and because of it a good friend died. I can’t afford to let that happen again, especially as we head for the capitol. Anticipate every possibility, suspect everyone of deceit, and stay continually on guard. That is how I must act in order to find the truth. That is how I must act to stay alive.

Relieved of paralysis, I walk into a plague. Great.

After an incident with a spider devil, I found myself paralysed. I was stuck. Unable to move, unable to talk, I was at the mercy and care of the clerics for quite some time before my ailment was relieved. Leaving the temple, I discover that there’s been an outbreak of plague in the city.

…What did we do this time.

Having walked into this, I left with Halnas’ to help him with his research on what to do here. It wasn’t long before there was a big ruckus outside and we saw a large number of people talking and making their way towards the gates. The city was being quarantined. Others in the party seemed interested in escaping, but I knew that at this point it would be a fruitless endeavor to try and escape. Just like the hundreds of other people.

With the city closed, plague spreading, and anti-magic sentiment growing day by day, we knew we needed to do something to at least try and placiate people. Talking with the city guards, looking for possible options, we were told of someone stealing a large amount of grain from the grainery. Something that would be a huge setback to a city that has to way of getting supplies in or out of town.

Without much to go off of, we got a tip from Kev of a safe house where the thiefs had taken the food supply. Along the way, we ran into some kids. One girl was very intent on getting Murthrug to play with her. He said no and upset the dear. I don’t know why we couldn’t have taken a little time to play with them, but I guess tracking down thieves in their safe house is kinda important as well. After listening to him try and lecture this little girl for way too long about why adults are the way they are, we went to the safe house. Sneaking up to it, I caught a glimpse of something through the window. Without hesitation, I let loose an arrow into the buulding.

After fighting with a door, and eventually breaking down a wall rto get ot the t theives, we entered in. The captain was holding a torch over the grains.

Dirty bastard.

Preparing mage hand for the worst, we bargained with him, buying the grain off of him in exchange we let them live. We agreed with this deal, to ensure that the city wouldn’t be left without a large supply of food to give to the people. Completing the exchange, I shock the last one of their men out, giving them good incentive to stay away.

Returning the grain to the city guards, we ran into one of the children from before. She talked about how we weren’t like the others, that we were different. Through her odd mannerisms and her choice of speech, we unveiled to us that she was the source of the plague in the city.

She’s definitely a being worth learning from.

Arranging to meet her once again, the next day. we went off and spoke to Kev to clear out a place to meet her, in the event that we must kill her, we would not want to drag innocent people into the battle. We meet her in a city square, and while everyone else is preparing for combat, I go up to her. I apologize, knowing that we again must kill for the sake of the greater good. Though at this point, I’m wondering if she has the same goal in mind as our sponsors.

After a conversation with the rest of the party and her over some tea, we battled. Acid flowing out of the ground, I got the fuck out of there and immediately went to higher ground. Before I had the time to launch a single arrow, a flood of water came and poured over the city, kknocking everybody down and washing away the slowly growing pool of acid. It was not long after that we fell her.

With her defeated, 4 plagues running their course through the city, we bunkered down in the safe house with Kev and waiting for the whole thing to blow over. With the quarrantine lifted, we made our way to Nèra Gomar and found another note. Meeting with our sponsor, we were given two more questions to ask. We asked about some of the things the little girl had mentioned, namely “Granny.” But it seemed our benefactors haven’t a clue who Granny is, or whom the others are. With this done, we set out towards the Leram Empire, where great political changes are underway.

We were left with more questions than answers.

A few days after arriving back in Nera Gomar, we were greeted with a letter informing us to meet with the person known simple as V within a days time. We were greeted by the lady dressed in crimson who congratulated us on our good work and offered us two different rewards. One, we would find on our way to our next mission, the other was in the form of three answers to questions she was allowed to answer for us. We decided to ask her about her organization and its ultimate goal, which was to restore "Eden"the time when gods and man walked together. The organization was run by many benefactors that all came together to work toward each others ends, and that while the head of this group wants Eden to come again, its members all have different goals and reason for joining the secret brotherhood of sorts.

After making preparations, we set of towards the south and after a few days, we came to the location of our second gift. It was the home of a scholarly Orc that specialized in awakened artifacts. We were offered the chance to have him examine not only personal objects, but ourselves as well to see the qualities that could be brought forth between the bonds of out treasured possessions. We decided to use the rings that had brought us together as they had been with us for sometime and after twenty four hours, we all ended up with rings that were awaken and revealed qualities within us and empowered thouse. Now we set off for our next mission and hopefully more insight into the organizations methods of obtaining Eden.

Ghosts of the Past

We were all pretty shaken up by Fenra’s death. We all knew that adventuring was a dangerous profession, but we figured that if someone close to us died, it would be Taka. However, we could at least take solace in the fact that her final act of charity was both grand and successful. The orks were comfy in their new homestead, and the memory of Fenra’s kindness would be more than enough to overcome the townsfolk’s inherent prejudice. At least, that’s what we thought. Out of nowhere, Salla Remada comes in, dragging a hooded corpse covered in cheetah bites. He marched the body into the center of town and threw back the hood, revealing that the assassin who killed Fenra was an ork. This was wrong on so many levels. We were anxious to bring Nayben back to Nera Gomar, but we couldn’t leave knowing that Fenra’s last act would be reversed. We tried to draw the anger of the crowd off of the orks and onto ourselves. The assassin did not come for Fenra after all. However, our quick wits and diplomancy were not enough. We were forced to make a hasty exit from the center of town amidst racist slurs and hurled garbage.

Luckily for us, we were quickly approached by a messenger representing a noble who shared our goals. He wanted to protect the orks, but he wanted to do so by usurping the Remadas. Some members of our party were not so cool with this, but I was used to working with people like him. In the end, we accepted, and started campaigning around the town reminding the people of their lord and savoir Fenra. Our initial excursions into the poor distict were highly successful, but our later trips to the better parts of town were less so. However, while visiting the merchants, I ran into an interesting new person. His name was Zienya Biadey. He was a wizard who earned a noble title doing favors for the Remada. I mentioned that I had a few magically inclined colleagues, and he invited us to dinner. Taka was on surprisingly good behavior, and we managed to befriend a powerful new ally.

This, however, was no help to us in our main task. Zienya was firmly in the pocket of the Remada, and the populous was still very anti-greenskin. As we campaigned, we started to see some strange occurrences. A man in the tavern forgot where he lived. Zienya’s child started screaming strange accusations at him. Nayben won money in a game of skill. None of us could piece these things together, but we kept an eye out for strange, arcane events.

Unfortunately, with one eye on the streets and one eye on our task, we had no eyes on Nayben, who managed to slip away from us at some point. We scrambled after him, and our search led us back to Zienya. Zienya had been eying Nayben suspiciously during dinner, and we assumed the worst. We rushed north of town, where Zienya had been seen, and came upon the Tomb of the Old Kings. Outside, we saw some cultists chanting, and a huge stone slab lowering over the entrance. Magnus informed us that the cultists were illusions, and we confirmed this through thorough physical investigation. The slab, however, we could not be sure about, so we rushed inside. In the tomb, we ran into some more phantoms, these ones slightly more corporeal. They identified themselves as the kings who were buried there, and we engaged them in combat. We had few means of damaging the phantasms, but Magnus came to the rescue again and channeled his holy energy at the ghosts, dispatching them quickly. We progressed quickly to the final chamber, encountering a few weaker ghosts along the way. When we reached the final room, we saw something unexpected. Zienya was laying unconscious on a stone slab, and Nayben was standing over him doing magic. We managed to get him to explain that he had the ability to alter peoples memories, and was attempting to use Zienya’s memories as a sacrifice to bring his memories of Fenra back to life. He said that Zienya volunteered, which was believable because of his crazy wizardness. But then, Nayben let it slip that he was holding Zienya’s son’s memories hostage, so I tackled him. Some hugging and crying later, the situation was resolved and we all went home. Murthrug volunteered his memories to bring back Zienya’s child’s memories. Apparently, he had a mentor at some point, who none of us, including him, know anything about. These memories gave Zienya’s kid some magical capability. Confident that the side quest was complete, we exited the manor and learned that the takeover of the city had been successful. It was not particularly bloody, the Remada were kicked out of the city, and the orks were safe again. Finally, the city was in good enough condition for us to fuck off. We took Nayben back with us to Nera Gomar, and everyone lived hapilly ever after

Today We Know Death

It is the day after the death Fenra and the party is very sad.We are preparing to leave Hevora Gomar and set up the bastard child so he can continue the family line. I pity the boy as he has a new life he must face alone and has lost someone too, but mostly I just hate him. He is the reason she is dead, he wanted to say goodbye and put not only his life in danger, but Fenra’s as well and she paid for it. We will never see her again and she will never know how I felt about her and for that I cannot forgvie him

An Unsteady Beginning to Adventures Far from Home

It is an odd feeling to taste both success and failure simultaneously, and on multiple levels. We killed the High Priestess, but not before she killed the entire Gelar family, aside from the bastard. We actually got to see one of The Mysterious Ones, but know almost nothing more about them. And then we received a letter, sending us away to find the bastard by the name of Nayban Dennar and reinstate the Gelar Family.
We all prepared for our journey in different ways. I spent the days erasing my presence from the city that had become my home. I hadn’t left since I arrived four years ago. I had developed a relationship with it. I discovered its secrets, and it provided a home for me. Now I am not sure when I will be back, or how often I will stay If the mysterious ones keep sending us places. I had to erase my presence from the city. Now I am no more than a story told by those who are desperate for answers, and one bar keeper. But he won’t say anything. He knows that I know.
We set off by carriage to the city of Hevora Gomar. It took a few days, but when we finally made it I was struck by how much I would hate it there. It was small. Only a couple thousand people lived in the city, which is hardly enough for me to be invisible. A large percentage of the population would be aware of my activities. It was also pretty dirty, and there were a lot of sick people, but that’s something that is easy to get used to.
I started asking around about where we might find Nayban Dennar. Most of the party followed my lead, but Murthrug went off to do his own thing with a cleric. We didn’t have a lot of luck finding him, other than hearing that he worked for a smith. Eventually we started hearing rumors that Nayban was with a cleric and some freak with a mantis following him around making clicking sounds, so we started looking for Murthrug and found them all rather shortly thereafter.
We started talking to Nayban and Phenra, the cleric, when we heard that there were orcs looting a mine owned by the Nalda Family. After doing some brief investigating it became clear that they were either mercenaries or bandits, the former of which caused me to worry. If they were mercenaries, it could be a plot to distract us so that someone else could get a hold of Nayban. Luckily Nayban wanted to come with us. He had some experience with weapons and was eager to hunt some orcs. Sam and the rest helped him out, and got him some gear and a little bit of training.
Phenra was not at all excited about us, and especially Nayban, going out to deal with the orcs. She was especially disapproving of Nayben, and some of the rest of our party’s seeming eagerness for battle. She keeps going on about how there really isn’t any need for all this violence. I try to explain to her that in our experience violence tends to occur whether we want it to or not. I even tried to encourage her to come along and demonstrate what she would do, half hoping that I might be able to enlighten her as to the actual ways of the world, and break her from her naïve fantasy. That was when Taka chose to threaten to kill all the orcs unless she came with us, which was the exact wrong move. Does no one understand diplomacy anymore? We aren’t going to make an ally of peace-loving do-gooder of a cleric with threats of violence. Needless to say, she stormed off in a huff.
We headed off towards the mines with Nayban alternating between giddy and green-faced. We snuck towards up on the with the sun at our backs, and looked down to see a collection of orcs, with weapons drawn, taking things from the mine. We decided that Murthrug and I should go down and talk to them, while the rest remained hidden. Murthrug was the voice, but we collaborated on the words he would use. We were working though the negotiation with some success. We learned that they were hired by a fueding family, and what they had been promised. We were just about to offer them money to leave and not take the iron, when Phenra walked in as bold as brass and with shaky orcish said that they should just ask instead of taking. She threw them a bag of food and tools. They were intrigued by the tools, and were interested in making weapons for the iron. Phenra negotiated using Murthrug as a translator, and eventually we reached a deal and the orcs started coming back to town with us.
Phenra had surprised me. She had shown incredible poise and determination for someone so inexperienced. I started talking with here, trying to explain both what we had been doing so that she didn’t hate us, and complimenting her on her peacemaking ability. I figured that maybe we could convince her to come back with us and be the new high priestess. It would be beneficial to have someone in a position of power that actually knew us and liked us. Maybe then we could find out more about the Mysterious Ones.
As soon as we arrived back multiple interesting things started happening. First of all, there was a major debate as to where the orcs would live and whether they could be conscripted into military service. At the same time Kevtumal showed up. He claimed that he had been sent by one of the Mysterious Ones to tell us about and assassination that he had helped to set up of Nayban. The assassin was supposed to be here soon and was a master with a crossbow. Kevtumal also paid us all the gold that he had sorted us earlier. From then on I was going to be keeping a very careful eye out, not just for a man with cross bow, but also for Kevtumal. It could all be an elaborate ruse.
This was all going on during the debate over what the orcs would do as a prat of the city. With a potential assassin about I need this to end as quickly as possible so that my attention could be focused on fulfilling our task. The more useful we are to the mysterious ones, the more they will use us and them more I can learn about them. Murthrug posed the idea of the Orcs acting as mercenaries for the city and getting paid for military service, but the rulling family would hear none of it through their jaded prejudice. They even went so far as to verbally attack Murthrug for being a half orc. I employed my sharp wit and clever tongue to convince them to accept Murthrugs idea. Now I don’t really care what happens to the orcs, but I wanted the negotiations done and I also hoped to score us some points with Phenra. And maybe teach Taka something about diplomacy.
So finally we were able to devote our attention to protecting Nayban, which was a good thing because he kept on trying to sneak out to see Phenra, who he has obviously had a bit of a thing for since the beginning. Finally we took him to see her in the light of day. We tried to give him some room to talk to her, but Taka snuck over there to listen to their conversation. Suddenly we here Taka yelling, and see Phenra stepping in front of Nayban taking a crossbow bolt to the heart. Murthrug, Sam and Taka all take off after the assassin, [conor’s character] went to go see if he could save Phenra, and I moved Nayban into a building just in case the other assassin wasn’t working alone. Eventually the idiot got around me and went back outside to her body, so I was forced to move the body instead.
So now here we are, stuck in a grieving city with a turbulent future, and a disconsolate heir to put on the throne. He is far from safe and our job is far from over.

This Is Balance, I Suppose

After the recent flood nothing was prospering but the murderous machinations of Namera Gaénrèn the mad priestess. As our mysterious benefactor(s?) have rewarded us I see a grand opportunity to help those affected. I am adventuring to acquire neither wealth nor power beyond what I can use to bring benefit to my fellow Toxites, so my reward has gone directly to the community along with a considerable degree of my time and effort in rebuilding what was lost.

Nèra Gomar has started along a dark path, but I see a ray of hope. The High-Priestess’ inquisition has degraded from an efficient engine of “heresy” extraction to a paranoid, delusional display of savagery, killing left and right for seemingly whatever slight real or imagined. Our party had long been investigating her in an attempt to remove her from influence, but even with a hand signed document in which she ordered her agents to disregard any moral reservations in pursuit of “heresy” we found ourselves without recourse. None but the upper echelons of the church and of the Imperial government had any power to reign her in and she could effortlessly discredit us a band of vagrant malcontents with a forged signature. I am reminded of a saying that I heard one peasant farmer say to another as he angrily decried his desire for recompense after the Inquisition appropriated his harvest, “The gods are in heaven and the Emperor is far away.”

Our situation had become rather pathetic until we were contacted with an urgent lead from our mysterious patron. The High Priestess was to storm the home of the Gelar family that very night. We finally had a chance to confront her out of the public arena and without having to attack the church itself. After rushing to the Gelar estate, we found ourselves witness to the surrender of Regic Gelar at the foot of the priestess. She looked him right in the eye and slit his throat as her guards followed suit and executed the rest of his family on the spot.

I felt a divine power guiding my morningstar as I set upon her as fast as I could run. As we came to blows her foul magicks belched forth a sonic barrage that hampered my efforts with nauseating effect. The combat bared down upon us but by the blessings of the divine my comrades and I surged. I finally managed to beat her down but something was amiss. The putrid stench of Infernal Evil burst forth from her cackling form as all of her warriors suddenly dissolved before our eyes. It is with bitter disgust that I recall seeing the liquefied men converge into her as she grew larger and more powerful.

We would have none of this. In seeing her true form I felt throughout my very being that every blow struck was for the good of the people and that every strike blocked was not just in defense of myself but in defense of all those living in fear and persecution at her hand. Although our efforts were valiant, we began to falter. The beast had become nearly too much to combat, but at the crucial moment, my weapon struck true. I could feel that I alone could not have delivered the strike, but rather some outside force granted its aid. It is hard to say whether that force came from the Two who are One or perhaps from the woman in crimson who disappeared as mysteriously as she was revealed to us, but not without leaving a note congratulated us and revealing the location of the Gelar family vault.

Although I regret my involvement in the emptying of the vault, I will make sure to guide some of that wealth towards the hands of those who were affected by Namera Gaénrèn’s reign of terror. I am certain the Gelar family would be happy to have helped the families of her other victims.

In the end I have learned a significant lesson in preventing the enthusiasm for a cause from corrupting one’s means of achieving said cause’s goals, but mostly I am curious to find out the identity and purpose of our benefactor. The woman in crimson brings only further questions…


air wind light outside walking flying plants danger lake scream fear protect water master air bubbles fighting stone down sharp metal water water bugs master fire heat prey chase man water fear gone here master rage attack protect master help master man gone dead master okay outside outside master happy? Master glad wonders train fight learn calming fire wonder Master Masrg Murster Murthrug Master Murthrug fear confusion head hurt Master help panic what happen what is master? what is I? Master help me

A Top the Weeper

Ah, the wilds. Fresh air, open spaces, and sleeping under the stars. It makes me miss my home and it’s really the only time I have thought about it since arriving at the city, but now Nèra Gomar, the new place I call home and where I meet, well I guess what I would call my “pack”, is under water. Why does this keep happening? Is nature punishing me? What ever is at the top of this mountain better have the gods protecting them or else they will feel my wraith for messing with my home, nature, and the thousands of people it houses.

I have noticed the others are starting to warm up not only to me, but each other. They do not see me as a stranger and anymore, but rather a curiosity, a powerful fighting force, and possibly a companion. Mantis is also getting more comfortable as well and seems to be getting more powerful not only physically,bu mentally as well. He is heading my commands better and isn’t a mindless killing machine in combat anymore. I wonder what is gong on with him. Maybe I will be able to name him soon as he will be able to comprehend what that means.

We have just come back from the ruins at top the Weeper and are camping for the last time in the wilderness before going back to the city. WE stopped the flooding, but I am sad in the way we did it. The ruins were part of some civilization that worshiped or fear a great serpent and created what appeared to be some sort of shrine to the ancient beast. We saw no signs of the snake in the dungeons below but we did find other traps and such. They was even some life in the ruins, but unfortunately I had to rid the scorpions and critters that attack us to save my companions. I mourn for their lost, but my companions respected the creatures and moved on in their task. At the last room, we found a man alone in a great pool of water. At first I thought, was it him? I wonder if my companions saw the hope rise in my face, but the man revealed himself to be not who I seek and worse yet crazy from time and isolation as he muttered something about us taking away someone from him and attacked us with the forces of water. We were able to defeat him and with his demise the waters started to receded.

I am writing this entry from our new house. A reward from one of the people that brought us together. It is for getting rid of the waters and for what I expect to be payment for future possible services. I do not enjoy this city to much, but i am thankful to have a room to myself and be done with our job for the man that ran the dog fighting ring. Disgusting scum. I hate that he can justify having creatures fight to the death. If he wasn’t so valuable to me and my companions would make him see what exactly what it feels like to fight to death, to see what exactly he does to those dogs. maybe in time. at least until we see who is at the end of these mysterious letters and these rings. Is it him? my friend from the forest? probably not. Bu I miss him so. Please come back to me old friend. Please be safe. Please don’t be dead.


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