It all started with a letter and a ring

Relieved of paralysis, I walk into a plague. Great.

After an incident with a spider devil, I found myself paralysed. I was stuck. Unable to move, unable to talk, I was at the mercy and care of the clerics for quite some time before my ailment was relieved. Leaving the temple, I discover that there’s been an outbreak of plague in the city.

…What did we do this time.

Having walked into this, I left with Halnas’ to help him with his research on what to do here. It wasn’t long before there was a big ruckus outside and we saw a large number of people talking and making their way towards the gates. The city was being quarantined. Others in the party seemed interested in escaping, but I knew that at this point it would be a fruitless endeavor to try and escape. Just like the hundreds of other people.

With the city closed, plague spreading, and anti-magic sentiment growing day by day, we knew we needed to do something to at least try and placiate people. Talking with the city guards, looking for possible options, we were told of someone stealing a large amount of grain from the grainery. Something that would be a huge setback to a city that has to way of getting supplies in or out of town.

Without much to go off of, we got a tip from Kev of a safe house where the thiefs had taken the food supply. Along the way, we ran into some kids. One girl was very intent on getting Murthrug to play with her. He said no and upset the dear. I don’t know why we couldn’t have taken a little time to play with them, but I guess tracking down thieves in their safe house is kinda important as well. After listening to him try and lecture this little girl for way too long about why adults are the way they are, we went to the safe house. Sneaking up to it, I caught a glimpse of something through the window. Without hesitation, I let loose an arrow into the buulding.

After fighting with a door, and eventually breaking down a wall rto get ot the t theives, we entered in. The captain was holding a torch over the grains.

Dirty bastard.

Preparing mage hand for the worst, we bargained with him, buying the grain off of him in exchange we let them live. We agreed with this deal, to ensure that the city wouldn’t be left without a large supply of food to give to the people. Completing the exchange, I shock the last one of their men out, giving them good incentive to stay away.

Returning the grain to the city guards, we ran into one of the children from before. She talked about how we weren’t like the others, that we were different. Through her odd mannerisms and her choice of speech, we unveiled to us that she was the source of the plague in the city.

She’s definitely a being worth learning from.

Arranging to meet her once again, the next day. we went off and spoke to Kev to clear out a place to meet her, in the event that we must kill her, we would not want to drag innocent people into the battle. We meet her in a city square, and while everyone else is preparing for combat, I go up to her. I apologize, knowing that we again must kill for the sake of the greater good. Though at this point, I’m wondering if she has the same goal in mind as our sponsors.

After a conversation with the rest of the party and her over some tea, we battled. Acid flowing out of the ground, I got the fuck out of there and immediately went to higher ground. Before I had the time to launch a single arrow, a flood of water came and poured over the city, kknocking everybody down and washing away the slowly growing pool of acid. It was not long after that we fell her.

With her defeated, 4 plagues running their course through the city, we bunkered down in the safe house with Kev and waiting for the whole thing to blow over. With the quarrantine lifted, we made our way to Nèra Gomar and found another note. Meeting with our sponsor, we were given two more questions to ask. We asked about some of the things the little girl had mentioned, namely “Granny.” But it seemed our benefactors haven’t a clue who Granny is, or whom the others are. With this done, we set out towards the Leram Empire, where great political changes are underway.

Bitter Feelings Towards Bitter Ends

I was on top of the world. We had just rid the world of plague, we finally were realizing that we were beginning to meet pieces on the other side of the chess board, and now we were heading to the capitol. If ever there were a city that was hiding things it would be that one. Let’s face it. There’s no way it can be that perfect. So we headed out on our long journey by carriage. It would take the better part of week to get there, but time travels fast when you have good companions to share the long hours with.
After a few days we stopped in a small town. As much as I hate being in small towns, it was going to be nice to eat something other than good berries. It was a busy little town, with many travelers heading from one place to another, but not many permanent residents. The bustle made me feel more comfortable and like I could be more easily forgotten. We headed to the local inn and took a room for the night. We then proceeded to stuff our faces with, at this point it at least seemed, decedent hot, fresh bread, steaming hearty soup, and succulent bacon. Granted, this is compared to days of good berries. Along with the food came a number delightful beverages, causing laughter to spill merrily into the room around us.
Suddenly a man walked through the door, had an urgent whispered conversation with bartender, and then left as quickly as he had come. Taka decided to follow the man while we talked to the bartender. The bartender gave us an apprising look, and told us, as we were clearly the adventuring type, that the town could scrape some coin together if we investigated the disappearance of the shepard’s boy. We readily agreed. It would be a good way to kill some time on the way to the capitol and easy money.
We headed off to the field where he had last been seen without Taka, who appeared to be chasing a very concerned looking farmer. When we got there it was hard to believe that they even needed our help. The boy had clearly been drug out of the field by a wolf of some kind. Even I could read those tracks, and I have spent most of my time in cities. We had heard stories about how the wolves were killing some sheep, so obviously they just got a boy instead. We casually followed Murthrug along the trail until we discovered is grisly and dismembered corpse. It all seemed pretty cut and dry. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was the size of the wolf responsible.
We returned the boy’s body, and we were invited to his funeral. I didn’t really feel like going, but the rest of the group was going. Except Taka. I had no idea what he was doing, but how much trouble could he really get into in a tiny pit stop of a town? I was surprised when the funeral started. Their practices were very odd. Instead of burying the boy in stone, they burned him along with a live sheep. The smell and the sounds were horrible, and Murthrug looked angry and concerned.
After the funeral we hunkered down to stake out the field. Some silver-backed wolves appeared at the treeline, but never entered the field. We decided to try and follow them with Murthrug in the shape of wolf, but some people were never meant to move quietly through a forest. After a long fruitless chase we gave up. The wolves were just getting further and further away. We gave up for that night and headed back to try and get some sleep.
I was starting to regret getting involved in this. It was so dull. There were no secrets to uncover. It’s not like we were stopping plague and floods, just killing some wolves that were causing some problems for people. We had spent time that we could have spent moving on and getting to the capitol, where there was bound to be some good secrets to find. I stopped really paying that much attention to what was going on. I spent most of my mental activity thinking about Granny and The Mysterious Ones. I didn’t come up with anything interesting, but at least it was worth my energy.
I wasn’t really involved as the townsfolk started sacrificing more livestock, a horse this time, and Murthrug started getting more upset with them. Apparently they were sacrificing livestock to appease the Old Ones, or some sort of backwards, small town superstitious bunk. They agreed to stop sacrificing livestock if we proved that we solved their problem instead of just claiming that it was wolves. Either way, their solution to keep their livestock from getting killed was to kill their livestock. I wasn’t going to put much effort into this.
We waited for the wolves to show up and let Muthrug do his thing. I didn’t really know what was going on, but we didn’t seem to need to kill the wolves, which turned out to be one wolf or something. I only really started pay attention when we found all the wolves dead. Suddenly I realized two things: I had no idea what was actually going on, and I still didn’t know where Taka was. I had overlooked the simple boring investigation right in front of me, because I was having fun doing my own thing off in my head. I should know by now that every detail is important. I have spent my life finding the smallest details, but this time I had distracted myself, and now we were walking into a situation about which I had no information.
It became apparent very quickly that I had made a mistake. Standing in the clearing was huge hulking beast with golden hair and thick reddish brown hair around its head. I reacted as best I could but I wasn’t thinking straight. I tried my best to prepare my friends for a fight as quickly as I could, while Murthrug started to out maneuver it. It took me some costly time before I was able to light up the clearing, to fully reveal the giant lion. We weren’t doing our best in the dark. Sam charged in with both his swords drawn, slashing at the beast, but he was snapped in between its mighty jaws, and then had his flesh torn by its claws. Blood poured from its mouth coupled with the crunching of bones. I let out a scream, Murthrug and his mantis attempted to show the lion a taste of it its own medicine, and Magnus laid into him with both morning star and shield, but we couldn’t recover from our disorganized, clumsy assault. The damage was done. The lion raked Sam with his claws again leaving him eviscerated on the ground. I let out a second scream of rage, and the lion keeled over dead.
Magnus tried to save Sam, but he was already gone. There was nothing we could do. Sam had nearly died so many times before that it was almost hard to believe that he was actually dead. We had been careless, or at least I had been, and one of us paid the price for it. We had all been thinking that this was going to be easy, Taka still was nowhere to been seen, and our nonchalant attitude resulted in the death of a friend.
We took Sam back to Nera Gomar, a journey that had a much different character than the first. It was filled with deep silences. We figured it would be better to return, give Sam a proper funeral, let his family and the Lady in Crimson know what happened. The Lady in Crimson took care of the funeral, a funeral fit for such a hero as Sam. We didn’t feel right keeping his ring and his water sword, so we gave them to his son. Maybe he will be as great as his father someday. We are going to be meeting a new member of our party in the Capitol when we get there. This was a bitter reminder of mistakes that I had made in the past and swore never to make again. My arrogance kept me from seeing the truth of things, and because of it a good friend died. I can’t afford to let that happen again, especially as we head for the capitol. Anticipate every possibility, suspect everyone of deceit, and stay continually on guard. That is how I must act in order to find the truth. That is how I must act to stay alive.

Mixed Messages

After many days of travel, I finally arrived in the shining city of Egomar. The buildings were fabulous and the people were extravagant, but the rumors going around town were troublesome to say the least. It seemed that the heads of the merran pantheon were vying for control of the throne. This was much bigger than anything I was dealing with up north, and for someone of my stature, dealing with bigger things can be quite intimidating. I was given no meeting place to find the new comrades I was supposed to join up with, I was confident that things would work out. When the organization is organizing, things tend to happen the way they want. As I meandered about town, keeping watch for a messenger to tell me where to go, I stumbled upon something better. I saw my new party. I wasn’t told who they were or what they looked like, but as soon as I laid eyes on this group, I knew that they had to be organization grunts like me. They had weapons at their sides, and a giant mantis on their heels. How could they not be the people I was looking for? Closer investigation confirmed my suspicions when I noticed the rings on their fingers.

Figuring they were told nothing about me as well, I thought it would be humorous to approach them cloaked in an illusion to make me appear as a human of normal height. My plan was thwarted when one of the group, a man I later learned to be named Halnas’, picked me out of the crowd and approached me. I was both impressed and discouraged by his ability to see through my illusion. Wanting to meet on my terms, I had the illusory man bait Halnas’ into an alley, allowing me to sneak up behind him and introduce myself.

My new allies seemed like the perfect group to be teemed up with. All of them had a certain je ne sais quoi about them that makes them naturals at bluffing and schmoozing their way through political intrigue, and most of them seemed like they could hold their own in a fight. There was Magnus, the Toxite paladin. I knew very little about his religion, other than the fact that it gave him a personal interest in the events that were unfolding. Then there was Murthrug, the druid. He seems like quite the outsider, which makes him less useful in delicate social situations, but his magic abilities and unique perspective more than make up for his weaknesses. Halnas’, quite unlike the rest of the party, looks very much like a regular person. However, I can tell that he is really just someone who is trying very hard to appear ordinary. And last but not least, there is Taka. I’m still not sure what exactly he does, but he certainly has a knack for screwing with people, which is a very useful talent for people in our line of work.

They confirmed my suspicions that our goal was to mitigate the negative side effects of the church’s almost inevitable takeover. My experience from my previous work in the organization told me that the best way to do this would be to target the sources of the church’s influence. Less influence means less ability to do bad things. Two of the major noble families in the city had recently started backing the church, so we decided to try and turn the families against each other. Disguised, either magically or mundanely as “the help”, we infiltrated the household of one of the families to gather information. We learned that the other family broke off a betrothal that would have united the two families, which seemed like a good opportunity for us to open some old wounds.

But first, we went to a safe house to plot. It was there that I met an acquaintance of the party known as Kevtumal. Like me, he is a member of the vertically challenged races. Also like me, he seems to have experience manipulating people, although his experience seems somewhat less legal than mine. He suggested that we turn the nobles not only against each other, but against the church by forging some documents from the church promising the same property to each family. This man seems like a very useful ally, even though the rest of the party acts uneasy around him.

And so, we set off to steal some documents to copy and forge. We expected the documents to be in the main office of the head of the family, and so I disguised Halnas’ as the nobleman, and he went inside. The guards standing at the door, however, insisted on following him, as he apparently always travels with bodyguards. I should have thought of that, and creating illusory guards would have been a cinch for me. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I do something like this. Unable to retrieve the documents we needed, Halnas’ left, followed by the guards. This left the room wide open for a certain invisible gnome to sneak on in and have a look around. Without the pressure of guards looking over my shoulder, I was able to find the papers we needed, and left. It was a clean, easy job pulled off without a hitch. I waltzed on back to the safe house and delivered the goods to Kev, happy to make a good impression on him.

My good mood ended soon after that when Halnas’ burst in through the front door covered in grease, quickly followed by a battered and bruised Murthrug. I gathered from them that their extractions from the noble’s manor was nearly as simple as mine. Perhaps my first impressions of this crew were slightly optimistic. However, despite the unfortunate lack of finesse, we accomplished what we needed to and are on track to accomplishing our goal.

Dark Days Are Upon Us

After we cleared out a cavern that had opened up in the city, we came back to the surface wth one less in our group. It had only been a week or so since we lost our first companion, and we are starting to feel the accumulated losses. We sent him back to Nera Gomar in order to have a proper burial according to toxiate customs and we hope his spirit can rest easy.

This organization has caused me much loss, I sacrificed my memories in order to help someone and now I am losing my companions as well. I understand that I cannot abandon this quest now, I am finally starting to see what we are doing to help the world as well as make sure it does not become controlled by whoever we are working for in attempts to be gods of some sort.

In any case, we are not attending the funeral of our departed friend. The cavern was not why were sent and we must see that this city does not fall into chaos when it is taken over by the church. Hopefully, the plan we just implemented will help in that regard

The Dwarven Halls
Some helpful runes

After the debacle in the capital I’ve led my companions southward pursuant to my most recent series of dreams. Our next clues regarding these mysterious disaster creators would come to us in the jungles of Saxiga"ka, but we would have to make it past the Skyborn mountains somehow.

Our choices were to scale the icy peaks, sail along the pirate infested coast, or to traverse the ancient dwarven halls that wind about within the mountains themselves. Seeing as we have no mountaineering or seafaring experience to speak, it was decided that, in order to better take hold of our own fate, we would risk the tunnels.

Soon after we began to miss the sight of the sun, we began to hear a strange commotion. A sound issued forth from the tunnels ahead that could just have easily been a battle as it could have been a demonic sacrifice. As we approached we found ourselves locked in mortal struggle with a pair of extremely violent and determined cave giants. Most of us nearly met our end right there but our tactical decisions won the day. While we wished to press on, the degenerate beasts had staggered us too greatly, and we decided to stay put that we might recover ourselves.

The next day, Finn began to notice some peculiar runic markings along the walls, which I can only assume were left by the creators of the tunnel system as a navigational aide. Finn assured us of this and we followed them for a ways, becoming waylaid temporarily by a colony of predatory invertebrates that we foolishly alarmed. We were led by the runes to a village which represented one of the remnants of the previous dwarven civilization. I noted some strange defensive measures which must have protected the encampment from the hazards of the halls, but I was unable to ask about them as our only means of communication was via a single dwarf who happened to speak Gnomish and could converse with Finn.

Gifts were exchanged and we were treated to a feast while stories were exchanged. While I could not keep up with the stories and the fare was rather abnormal, the evening itself was rather pleasant. It felt good to be welcomed and I wish these fair folk nothing but good fortune.

After a good night’s rest, we set out once more along our runic path, which Finn had confirmed to be a route to the other side of the mountains while speaking with the dwarves. A few hours out, we heard the sounds of screaming and anguish bellowing forth from behind us. While I understand that acoustics can play tricks on one’s ears, I can only hope that our friendly hosts are not in peril…

I need to keep an eye on my stash, from now on

With the loss of our friend and comrade in arms, we have found ourselves a new companion for our quest. The lady in the red robe has deemed it necessary for herself to be present in our adventures, it seems.

While we’ve tried what we could to destabilize the church’s support, we’ve only been capable of so much. So the party eventually came down with the scheme to intercept a shipment of coins for the Pantheon. While we were discussing this though, we were beckoned by a courier to meet with the Emperor.

“Shit. What’d we do this time?”

We enter the throne room, and the Emperor was very pleased with us for dispatching the dragon beneath the city, and offered to reward us for our great service to him and the kingdom. With a bit of discussion, he offered to send for Dorrak Hashvar to meet with us and see if he could possibly forge something out of this strange metal we found in the dragon’s lair.

After this meeting, we then went on the carry out “Plan to take a bunch of gold from the church.”

It was going along fairly well… Until our gnome friend was discovered. His reaction was to cast an illusion to make himself appear as a demon to make his escape.

The result of which being that if he or the rest of the party were seen, we’d be attacked and executed by the guards and clergy.

Well played.

With very few options left, and some unreasonable expectations to face trying to leave the city, we went into the Speaker’s Castle.

…It was empty.

Fuck my head hurts.

We searched around, and every second passing, my headache is getting worse and worse. I’m fucking pissed. Stuck in this empty castle, can’t leave without being spotted, can’t leave town without being attacked, and I can’t fucking go anywhere to get my fucking root.

I’m sick of this. I’m so fucking sick of this.

Knowing there is nothing to lose at this point, I open the front doors to the castle.

“I am the Speaker,
and I am DAMN pissed off with what you people have done in my name.”

I walk around, people in awe. Their stupid ugly faces agape, I just let into them.
How dare they. How DARE they!

With a following, I march to the throne room, and demand that the priests stand down and relinquish their positions. They claim I’m a liar and a heretic.

Listen here you little shit…

I demand an explanation as to why they would have let there be demons in the city and dragons beneath, and demand they prove I’m not the Speaker.

One of them stands forth and proclaims “Because I AM THE SPEAKER.”

Bull. Shit.

I’m tired of his stupid face. These people are fucking annoying. My head fucking hurts.
I command my following to attack. I don’t remember much more after that.

Next thing I know, I’m leaving the city, and we are heading south.

Fuck my head hurts.

Out of the mountainhome

It wasn’t long after we had left the dwarves when the sounds of my betrayal echoed through the ancient tunnels. Whatever it was I had spoken to had been true to its word. The price had been payed, and the way out had been marked.

I’d be lying if I said I felt nothing. Sure, I have lied, backstabbed, and done shady dealings before, but the people I hurt were always playing the game in their own way. These dwarves were innocent bystanders, victims of circumstance and guilty only of being tasty to one of the horrors that lurks these halls. However, our task is too important, and this small enclave, already on its last legs, was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I couldn’t trust the rest of the party with this. Some of them are too new to the organization. They don’t understand the means with which we must sometimes pursue our goals. Luckily, it was easy to keep up the charade because I was the only one who could communicate with the dwarves. Everyone else thinks that the runic markings were made by our helpful subterranean friends. The only one who would have understood my decision is Red, but I decided to leave her out of it for her own good. Its better that only one of us looses sleep for this.

And so we pressed on, through the mountain. Eventually, the path marked out for us took us through a hole in the wall that lead to a large room full of statues. We investigated a bit, but found nothing magical, and decided to head on. Only too late did we realize that this was a tomb. Perhaps the souls of the buried had been twisted by the darkness that pervaded this mountain, or perhaps the dwarven ancestors were angry at me for my transgressions. Whatever the reason, we were soon beset upon by furious undead warriors. As we fought them off, another spectre appeared behind us and assaulted Taka. Luckily for us, nearly everyone in the party is capable of fighting incorporeal creatures, and we were able to send those bastards back to whichever hell they came from.

As we continued, we started to hear strange sounds from the branching passages. However, thanks to our guide, we were able to avoid running into most of the dangerous things that call this place home. The only other obstacle we faced was a pair of strange moths, who accosted us as we crossed a narrow ledge. We took them down without much trouble, but many of us were quite wounded from the days battles. We rested for one more night in the caves, to regain our strength. We hear a strange siren’s song coming from one of the passages, but the markings told us to go another way, and we had had about enough of the monsters in this place, so we just ignored it. Finally, after a few more twists and turns, we saw something we hadn’t seen in days. Sunlight. We all rushed outside and saw a massive jungle laid out before us. I’m just glad to put everything that happened in those god forsaken tunnels behind us.

Welcome to the Jungle
The Harsh Light of Day

Normally I find the process of shedding light on things to be an enjoyable process, but exiting the tunnels was very jarring. I guess I had gotten used to the darkness because sunlight was too much for my eyes. There was so much left undiscovered back in the tunnels, and I can’t shake the feeling that I missed something important. If death wasn’t so probable I could have probed the mysteries of that place for years.
However, new adventure beckons in the jungles before us. Murthrug seems to be positively giddy be exploring wild lands, but this is so far from my field of expertise that I wonder if I will actually be useful to the party. How many secrets can a jungle actually hold? We pushed ahead and found a good place to rest and recover for the night. Murthrug found us a camp site and more food than I realized one person could find in the woods. If we were without him I fear that we might be dead.
The next morning we got up and started looking around the jungle with Murthrug leading. The rest of us are pretty out of place here. Murthrug found what he described as a trail, but I saw absolutely nothing. We followed it for a ways until we heard loud sounds coming from up ahead. All of a sudden bursting out of the jungle came a huge gray beast with large white tusks and an extraordinarily long snout. It trampled over us with ease and kept tearing its tunnel through the foliage.
We recovered in time to see that it was being chased by a large white furred creature with four arms. We moved to attack, but found ourselves in severe danger. Mantis was knocked unconscious quickly and out of nowhere a second one snuck up and attacked Taka. Murthrug moved to aid Mantis, dealing a blow that caused the ground to shake as its skull shattered, but he was soon knocked out as well when the second one turned its attention to him. Thankfully Red was able to scorch it and finish it off.
We barely had time to catch our breath when we heard the sound of two more approaching us. We knew we couldn’t survive another fight. Finn volunteered to stay behind with Mantis and Murthrug, as he could turn all of them invisible, leaving the rest of us to flee. We sped off through the jungle as fast as we could. Red and I had very little trouble navigating through the tangle of underbrush, but Taka was serious problems and was in danger of falling behind. We could hear the sounds of their running behind us and we knew we didn’t have much time. Suddenly I saw our salvation at the base of the roots of a fallen tree. Red and I ducked into a little gap in the roots while Taka climbed a tree, just in time to see the two creatures run past us.
We cautiously emerged and headed back to the rest of our party. We took some time to heal ourselves, and then decided to head in the direction the gray, tusked beast had been running, just in case those things came back. We didn’t have to go far. It had run off a cliff in panic. We continued to explore the jungle in search of anything that resembled the ruins that Red had seen in her vision, but with no luck. We did find a particularly nasty cloud of mosquitos and learned it was best not to hang out near water. We started to suspect that we might need to head in the direction that the white furred creatures had come from, but not feeling keen about a second meeting in our current condition we decided to rest.
The next morning we headed in the direction of the white furred creatures, but Murthrug felt uneasy. He couldn’t put on finger on why, but something just seemed off to him, which in turn put me on edge. If anyone was going to notice that something was wrong it would be him. Suddenly we end up in a clearing with a large, colorful bird that has what looks like an incredibly sharp beak. It seemed like it was trying to say something, but not in any language that I recognized. Luckily I had prepared the party and we were ready for its attack. I did my best to keep it uninterested in attacking or doing anything else while aiding my friends in their efforts to kill it before it killed us. Thankfully it was a weak creature, because it was an incredibly efficient killing machine. If we had made one false step we would have died, but thankfully we were on top of our game we killed it.
Several members of the body started to take feathers from the body, and Taka seemed interested in completely destroying the creature. I was more interested in the man that suddenly appeared in the clearing behind us. He says something to us in the same language as the bird and beckons us to follow. He leads us down impossibly well hidden trails lined with the faces of people who couldn’t have possibly been there before. After a long walk we are led to a huge cliff face that has been carved in the likeness of a giant bat with two impressive fangs, that it turns out are temples. We are led to one of the temples, but it doesn’t look like there is any way to get to the second. For those of us who were there when we fought Flood, which is now sadly fewer, we were struck by the similarity of these structures and those ruins.
We are lead inside and are greeted by a woman wearing a mask hanging upside down from a bar. She does a graceful flip down and waits for us to approach. There are no holes in her mask. Thankfully she speaks our language, and she thanks us for killing the bird, which had been plaguing them for some time. Either we would have made a nice sacrifice or we would have killed it. A win win situation for them. As a reward she removes the illness we contracted from the mosquitos.
She informed us that she was the High Priestess of the Bat Cult and that there are four other cults in the jungle. We talk to her for a while about our purpose here and I only felt like I had more questions than answers. It seems that while removing the natural disaster entities, we were actually killing entities inhabited by their gods, which is a strange thing to do when one is trying to reinstate Eden when Gods and Men walked together and everything was wonderful. How can that be if the Gods cause disasters? Someone is lying to me. I don’t know who it is but I am not happy. The last time someone lied to me and I didn’t find out I almost ended up dead. If anyone I’m close to ever lies to me and I find out I will see to it their existence is brought to a swift and sudden end.
After we got our tattoos, which I wasn’t thrilled about, so we could go see the other four cults I turned on Red and demanded answers. She claimed ingnorance about the discrepancy in information from the Organization and the information the Bat Priestess. Could it be that there are more Gods and that we’ve been killing off their chosen ones? If so I can only imagine that we aren’t in their good graces, which means that we are going to need to be watching ourselves. It also makes me regret killing off Plague. I had really liked her. She was one of the few people who could see. I will have to keep my eye on Red. She is not to be trusted. She may have been sent with us by the Organization to insure we didn’t get to close to the truth. She may be dangerous. It turns out that not only does this jungle contain more secrets than I was aware of, it sheds light on new lies and secrets with the same intensity as the sun after too long underground.

The Lich and the Thunderbird
by Finn

When I was first transferred to this party, my supervisor gave me one piece of advice: Don’t trust anyone. When I first met the group, I thought that he must have been misinformed of the state of things in this branch of the organization. These people were far more straightforward and less deceptive than my previous co-workers up north. But now I see what he meant. While the foot-soldiers are honorable and trustworthy, their superior(s?) are a whole other matter. While we still aren’t sure exactly what the return of eden would entail, none of the information that we have found points to it being a good thing. So, as we made our way back to the Leram empire, we began to consider the idea of not making it happen. However, we still wanted to seek out the remaining members of the family, both to learn more and to prevent any disasters from causing economic damage taking innocent lives. For this reason, we headed towards the capitol, hoping to find conflict bad enough to draw out one of the family. Unfortunately, our new political leanings were known only to us, and so our enemies remained opposed to our travels. A terrible storm ravaged our boat when we were at sea, potentially called upon us by “Storm” himself, killing the crew and leaving us to row a makeshift lifeboat to shore. Once we made it to the coast, we rode along with a trade caravan to the capitol. The bad weather continued, but was much less deadly. Perhaps Storm planned on depressing us to death? No, he seems much more direct than that (but I must remember the depression idea for future use).

Once we reached the capitol, things briefly switched from other-worldly conflict to good old fashioned human conflict. The theocrats had taken over, but a revolution was brewing amongst the masses (encouraged by the expert brew-master Kevtumal). Within days of our arrival, a full on assault was launched on the so called “speaker”. As we predicted, the skirmish drew the attention of a teacher, the thunderbird AKA Storm. He appeared with a lightning strike and confronted the speaker, exchanging words but not blows. Taka apparently was bored by this, and so he let loose an arrow. As it passed Storm, the electrical power that his arrow was imbued with multiplied ten-fold, and it struck the speaker with enough force to send him flying backwards. However, Storm was not the only supernatural power that saw fit to intervene. The demi-lich that attacked us in the desert followed us all this way, and used the bodies of those slain in the battle against us. Paladins and soldiers alike began swarming the streets, as the lich revealed that he planned on killing us to prevent us from bringing about eden. At this point, we were still neutral on the whole “eden” thing, so we did not correct him. Storm realized that with his army of undead holy men, the lich was too powerful for us to handle, so he flew us out of the city. Once we escaped, we had a little chat about the family and eden. Apparently, the return of eden would entail the opening of the gates between worlds, allowing gods and devils to once again roam the earth freely. A side effect of this is that the demi-lichs’ curse would be broken. This all fit with our previous knowledge of eden, which conveniently left out the demons. We decided then that we would no longer do the bidding of our superior, as eden seemed incredibly dangerous for all mortals (and two non-mortals).

So why then did our boss send us to find this information? Surely most of my colleagues were selected for their heroic, humanitarian tendencies. Perhaps our defection is of no importance, and our mysterious employer merely needed more information about the family? Either way, we are no longer on his good side, whoever he is.

As our conversation with Storm ended, we heard a cracking sound from the south, in the direction of the large volcano. Storm believed it to be the sound of someone, most likely our boss, killing the scorpion. This means that the only ones left are him and Granny…

A Token of their Burden

With the volcano split open, we knew we didn’t have much time before we would have to return and protect granny. However, we didn’t know who or what had killed Quake, so with quick haste, we rode on the wings of our friend Storm to enter the volcano and see what destruction had been wrought. Entering, we found ourselves in front of a large magma pool… With a humanoid body floating within it.

With the help of the druid magic, we were able to fish the body out of the lava.

…It was cold to the touch, and had no signs of being burned by the magma. Yet, with further inspection, we found stab wounds on the body with burns around the entry points. Storm made note of his missing infernal blade.

Knowing that there wasn’t much left to do there, we then made haste to granny. Speaking with her for a time, we found that there is only one way to truly defeat the lich brothers.

Open the door to Eden for a time, to allow them to gain mortality, and then seal up the door.
…Which is exactly what we had been working towards with the organization this entire time.

We’ve been played, well and true.

One of the lich brother’s is tired of immortality, and wishes to finally have peace. So, over hundreds of years, he’s set up the elaborate organization, for the purpose of bringing about the end of his mortality and open the gates to Eden. And he had selected us to help him finish the job.

Discussing with granny, the only real way to let this happen is with the death of her and Storm, while ensuring that someone else can take up the mantle. …And the ones who will fit that bill will be us.

There are concerns about Red’s ability to take up the mantle. Being related to the lich, she is at risk of being overcome with her past and origin. Hopefully, with her own strength and a little help from us, she will be able to come out from that stronger, and will be able to hold up the mantle with the rest of us.


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