Conspiracy theorist


true neutral, detective, human, soelmat’, male, 20yo, 5’8" somewhat thinner than average for that height.

Str 8
Dex 15
Con 10
Int 9
Wis 13
Cha 18

AC 14
touch 12
flat-footed 12

Fort 1
Ref 4
Will 3

CMD 13

Acrobatics 2
bluff 8
climb -1
diplomacy 9
disguise 8
escape artist 6
fly 2
intimidate 8
Knowledge local 4
perception 7
preform oratory 8
sense motive 7
slight of hand 6
spellcraft 4
stealth 7
survival 1
swim -1
use magic device 8

Short bow

improved imitative
lingering performance
point blank shot

Detect Magic
dancing lights

hideous laughter
Moment of Greatness
Ear piercing Scream
Touch of Gracelessness

anonymous interaction
blistering invictive
oppressive boredom

Good Hope
Thundering Drums
Smug Narcissism
terrible remorse

Dimension Door

Food at main market modified to make people want to eat more
• There is objectively no difference between the food sold from market to market, however the main one is patronized much more frequently
• People by larger quantities at that market than people at other markets
• When I got food there I just wanted to keep getting food from there, I practically had to force myself to get food from the other markets

The merchants have rigged scales so that they get the most profit
• They seem to keep making more and more money as time goes on without any major interruption in the process
• I have tested it by bringing my own scales, and surreptitiously testing their scales with things I know to be of equal weight

There is a secret prison for dissidents that no one knows about
• Any time anyone says anything against the establishment they either retract what they said, or disappear, but they never show up in the prisons that everyone knows about

The guards are in control of the black market by confiscating and re-selling contraband. They also use the secret prison as their storehouse
• All the places where you can by contraband are within a certain radius of guard posts, even though they would want to be far away from guard posts
• The people selling contraband seem suspiciously not very cautious
• The guards seem to have more money than a guard would normally have
• Lots of people go to jail for possessing contraband, but no one knows where the contraband goes, and none of the people who go to prison are familiar with the people selling contraband
guards working with known smuggler, owner of the snarling wolf.

There is some sort of monster thing created by a famous alchemist that got loose, and murdered someone
• There was a dead and horribly mutilated body found outside the alchemist’s house. It looked like it had been mauled by something massive.
• The alchemist has not left his house since and he hired a private guard service
• The only person to leave the house is his servant who runs errands
• No one has been arrested in connection with the crime

The Lord is a werewolf
• He has never made a public appearance around the full moon. I checked the records

Some of the people who look like they are homeless or are beggars are actually spies
• The look like they are trying a little too hard to appear destitute
• They are sometimes in parts of the city that it wouldn’t make sense for them be in
• Some of them have followed me. They know I’m on to them
• I’ve seen them taking notes on the backs of their signs
• They avoid making eye contact with each other, unless they think I’m not looking at them

Fellow detective actually a criminal who is really good at framing other people
• Every person he has had arrested has had problems with their memory of what happened
• The cases he has solved just keep escalating in complexity
• He is rather wealthy, but he seems to hide it
• He is oddly good friends with both the rather rich guards, and the people who sell contraband
• There is no way he solves that many cases, I mean come on it’s just absurd

There are a series of underground passageways that aren’t the sewers(CONFIRMED)
• When I try to follow certain people (the homeless spies, the detective, the contraband dealers) they all seem to disappear in consistently similar places, and there are no sewer entrances in the area
• They also appear from strange places, and aren’t covered in shit
• It would also explain how they can move contraband and prisoners without anyone’s knowledge

The person who designed the city actually built it as a giant gate to another plane
• The person who designed the city is rumored to have been an extra-planer creature of some sort
• If you read his biography it has a strong “someday we will conquer you all” sort of vibe, especially seeing has he is a city planner, even if it isn’t explicit. You have to read between the lines
• The original part of the city is strangely circular in shape

If you hang a series of mirrors around the main square it will focus the light on a spot where a treasure map is.
• I talked to an old wise woman. She was the one who hid the treasure map and the treasure.


Halnas’ was born to cultists. He was brought up in the cult, and that was his reality. He didn’t really begin to question it until one of the more eccentric ceremonies took place, involving using him as a human sacrifice. Escaping from his bonds just before the flames arrived, he managed to slip away using the darkness for cover. He fled to the city Nèra Gomar, where he swore that he would never have the wool pulled over his eyes again. Since then, he has been working to uncover the truth beneath the lies, no matter how strange the truth may be.


It all started with a letter and a ring bthagedorn