It all started with a letter and a ring

The Dwarven Halls

Some helpful runes

After the debacle in the capital I’ve led my companions southward pursuant to my most recent series of dreams. Our next clues regarding these mysterious disaster creators would come to us in the jungles of Saxiga"ka, but we would have to make it past the Skyborn mountains somehow.

Our choices were to scale the icy peaks, sail along the pirate infested coast, or to traverse the ancient dwarven halls that wind about within the mountains themselves. Seeing as we have no mountaineering or seafaring experience to speak, it was decided that, in order to better take hold of our own fate, we would risk the tunnels.

Soon after we began to miss the sight of the sun, we began to hear a strange commotion. A sound issued forth from the tunnels ahead that could just have easily been a battle as it could have been a demonic sacrifice. As we approached we found ourselves locked in mortal struggle with a pair of extremely violent and determined cave giants. Most of us nearly met our end right there but our tactical decisions won the day. While we wished to press on, the degenerate beasts had staggered us too greatly, and we decided to stay put that we might recover ourselves.

The next day, Finn began to notice some peculiar runic markings along the walls, which I can only assume were left by the creators of the tunnel system as a navigational aide. Finn assured us of this and we followed them for a ways, becoming waylaid temporarily by a colony of predatory invertebrates that we foolishly alarmed. We were led by the runes to a village which represented one of the remnants of the previous dwarven civilization. I noted some strange defensive measures which must have protected the encampment from the hazards of the halls, but I was unable to ask about them as our only means of communication was via a single dwarf who happened to speak Gnomish and could converse with Finn.

Gifts were exchanged and we were treated to a feast while stories were exchanged. While I could not keep up with the stories and the fare was rather abnormal, the evening itself was rather pleasant. It felt good to be welcomed and I wish these fair folk nothing but good fortune.

After a good night’s rest, we set out once more along our runic path, which Finn had confirmed to be a route to the other side of the mountains while speaking with the dwarves. A few hours out, we heard the sounds of screaming and anguish bellowing forth from behind us. While I understand that acoustics can play tricks on one’s ears, I can only hope that our friendly hosts are not in peril…



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