It all started with a letter and a ring

Out of the mountainhome

It wasn’t long after we had left the dwarves when the sounds of my betrayal echoed through the ancient tunnels. Whatever it was I had spoken to had been true to its word. The price had been payed, and the way out had been marked.

I’d be lying if I said I felt nothing. Sure, I have lied, backstabbed, and done shady dealings before, but the people I hurt were always playing the game in their own way. These dwarves were innocent bystanders, victims of circumstance and guilty only of being tasty to one of the horrors that lurks these halls. However, our task is too important, and this small enclave, already on its last legs, was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I couldn’t trust the rest of the party with this. Some of them are too new to the organization. They don’t understand the means with which we must sometimes pursue our goals. Luckily, it was easy to keep up the charade because I was the only one who could communicate with the dwarves. Everyone else thinks that the runic markings were made by our helpful subterranean friends. The only one who would have understood my decision is Red, but I decided to leave her out of it for her own good. Its better that only one of us looses sleep for this.

And so we pressed on, through the mountain. Eventually, the path marked out for us took us through a hole in the wall that lead to a large room full of statues. We investigated a bit, but found nothing magical, and decided to head on. Only too late did we realize that this was a tomb. Perhaps the souls of the buried had been twisted by the darkness that pervaded this mountain, or perhaps the dwarven ancestors were angry at me for my transgressions. Whatever the reason, we were soon beset upon by furious undead warriors. As we fought them off, another spectre appeared behind us and assaulted Taka. Luckily for us, nearly everyone in the party is capable of fighting incorporeal creatures, and we were able to send those bastards back to whichever hell they came from.

As we continued, we started to hear strange sounds from the branching passages. However, thanks to our guide, we were able to avoid running into most of the dangerous things that call this place home. The only other obstacle we faced was a pair of strange moths, who accosted us as we crossed a narrow ledge. We took them down without much trouble, but many of us were quite wounded from the days battles. We rested for one more night in the caves, to regain our strength. We hear a strange siren’s song coming from one of the passages, but the markings told us to go another way, and we had had about enough of the monsters in this place, so we just ignored it. Finally, after a few more twists and turns, we saw something we hadn’t seen in days. Sunlight. We all rushed outside and saw a massive jungle laid out before us. I’m just glad to put everything that happened in those god forsaken tunnels behind us.



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