It all started with a letter and a ring

New Friends and New Enemies

Strings are Being Pulled

I awoke that morning after a fitful nights sleep. I have normally felt safe in my own home, but now I have the feeling like I am constantly being watched, which up until now was something that only happened outside my home. I ate a larger than normal breakfast while staring at my big board of secrets. It had taken hours to rearrange after The Mysterious One had put the letter with the ring in the very middle and moved all the connecting strings. That’s probably why The Mysterious One had arranged for the meeting to be in the main marker. They know what I think about it. That’s why I have eat a big breakfast and bring food with me. I’m not buying anything from the main market. Anyway, I set out in a roundabout fashion to the market wearing my most nondescript clothing. It seemed like a good day to blend into a crowd. When I arrived there were many unusual things, including a rather large crowd of Toxites being whipped up by some mysterious leader, a city guard having words with a homeless man who had a rather large mantis with him, and the Fidano Half-Elf from the previous day. I put most of my attention into observing the Half-Elf, as the other two things were easy enough to keep an eye on, and I felt like I had botched the previous investigation and the Half-Elf might be able to provide some answers. Suddenly the Mantis Man broke into a run for the side ally, and now that he was clearly the most interesting thing, I followed. Unfortunately he saw me, but instead of bolting he walked back towards me with an inquisitive look in his eye and asked me if I was the person he was supposed to meet and showed me a ring. This was not how I had wanted it to go at all. I should have known who the people were before I ever met them, but it was not to be. So now I met the first person. Shortly after the Toxite rally turned into a full blown riot, and we were joined by the Half-Elf the guard and some other dude all with rings, and all in various states of trying to leave the riot or get the front of and prevent the riot. A scream from an alleyway to precedence. There were four men attacking a woman. Normally I don’t involve myself in this sort of rough business, being rather weak myself, but there were five of us and four of them. I did my best to help out while the rest took on the four men with their weapons. We saved the woman and she took off, but shortly later two more guards showed up. They seemed to have a history with our friend the guard, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were some of the guards who knew about the tunnels and the prison and the contraband, but this wasn’t a time for questioning. We dealt with them in a similar fashion as the four men previously. Now it was time to see what had happened with the riot. We headed for the shrine that they must have been heading for. Some of our new group headed off in pursuit of a cloaked man, while I and one other stayed behind to investigate the riot. Most of our leads ended up as dead ends, but one coin that i collected throughout the day had an image of a snarling wolf head on it exactly like that one weird tavern. So that is were we will be headed next.



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