It all started with a letter and a ring

I need to keep an eye on my stash, from now on

With the loss of our friend and comrade in arms, we have found ourselves a new companion for our quest. The lady in the red robe has deemed it necessary for herself to be present in our adventures, it seems.

While we’ve tried what we could to destabilize the church’s support, we’ve only been capable of so much. So the party eventually came down with the scheme to intercept a shipment of coins for the Pantheon. While we were discussing this though, we were beckoned by a courier to meet with the Emperor.

“Shit. What’d we do this time?”

We enter the throne room, and the Emperor was very pleased with us for dispatching the dragon beneath the city, and offered to reward us for our great service to him and the kingdom. With a bit of discussion, he offered to send for Dorrak Hashvar to meet with us and see if he could possibly forge something out of this strange metal we found in the dragon’s lair.

After this meeting, we then went on the carry out “Plan to take a bunch of gold from the church.”

It was going along fairly well… Until our gnome friend was discovered. His reaction was to cast an illusion to make himself appear as a demon to make his escape.

The result of which being that if he or the rest of the party were seen, we’d be attacked and executed by the guards and clergy.

Well played.

With very few options left, and some unreasonable expectations to face trying to leave the city, we went into the Speaker’s Castle.

…It was empty.

Fuck my head hurts.

We searched around, and every second passing, my headache is getting worse and worse. I’m fucking pissed. Stuck in this empty castle, can’t leave without being spotted, can’t leave town without being attacked, and I can’t fucking go anywhere to get my fucking root.

I’m sick of this. I’m so fucking sick of this.

Knowing there is nothing to lose at this point, I open the front doors to the castle.

“I am the Speaker,
and I am DAMN pissed off with what you people have done in my name.”

I walk around, people in awe. Their stupid ugly faces agape, I just let into them.
How dare they. How DARE they!

With a following, I march to the throne room, and demand that the priests stand down and relinquish their positions. They claim I’m a liar and a heretic.

Listen here you little shit…

I demand an explanation as to why they would have let there be demons in the city and dragons beneath, and demand they prove I’m not the Speaker.

One of them stands forth and proclaims “Because I AM THE SPEAKER.”

Bull. Shit.

I’m tired of his stupid face. These people are fucking annoying. My head fucking hurts.
I command my following to attack. I don’t remember much more after that.

Next thing I know, I’m leaving the city, and we are heading south.

Fuck my head hurts.



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