It all started with a letter and a ring

Dark Days Are Upon Us

After we cleared out a cavern that had opened up in the city, we came back to the surface wth one less in our group. It had only been a week or so since we lost our first companion, and we are starting to feel the accumulated losses. We sent him back to Nera Gomar in order to have a proper burial according to toxiate customs and we hope his spirit can rest easy.

This organization has caused me much loss, I sacrificed my memories in order to help someone and now I am losing my companions as well. I understand that I cannot abandon this quest now, I am finally starting to see what we are doing to help the world as well as make sure it does not become controlled by whoever we are working for in attempts to be gods of some sort.

In any case, we are not attending the funeral of our departed friend. The cavern was not why were sent and we must see that this city does not fall into chaos when it is taken over by the church. Hopefully, the plan we just implemented will help in that regard



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